Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soak up color

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  That is the foundation of my design blog, so what better way to get started than how New York City is inspiring me as a designer.  Every street, every neighborhood, every person here is different
My passion for NYC started spring break of my freshman year of college.  The UCM AIGA group took a trip to NYC to tour design studios, see museums, and experience ethnic food at its finest.  I remember during that trip I asked Mr. Babcock, our professor and tour guide who had once been a real New Yorker, what he missed most about the city.  He said the food for one, and two, how different the city is from street to street.  For him, moving to Missouri was a shock because everything is the same for miles and miles.
Here, there is so much variety in architecture, colors, cultures, music, food, bars, smells (good and bad)... When I walk down the street I try and soak up as much of the atmosphere as I can.  I often find my walks to work come to an end too soon.  
I have already taken a gazillion pictures since I've been here, and since I've started my internships I have become a lot more sensitive to color.  Even in the most neutral collections of grays on buildings there is something to be observed in unintentional color palettes that are formed in nature or any of your surroundings.  I put together a color palette from a picture I took.  At the time when I took the photo I didn't think anything would really come of it.  When I looked at it later I realized there was a great start for a color palette. 
So many times as a designer I didn't know where to start when picking a color palette for a project.  Split-complimentary?  Tertiary?  No, put the color wheel rules to rest and just have fun.  Start with your surroundings.  Dig through old photos.  Take more photos.  Keep a file for future reference.  That's my new goal.  

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  1. Holly, I LOVE this photo and color palette combination. It's fantastic! Please continue to post more of these; I think you're on to something :)